Saturday at 4pm
  1. The record store
  2. In the vinyl section
  3. Even if you're breathing out of your mouth bc you have a cold
  4. Even if your hair is greasy bc you didn't wash it when you showered bc all you had left was your 16year old son's dandruff shampoo, and no way were you washing your hair with that.
  5. Even if you've gotten 7 hours of sleep in the past 2 nights
    And had a lot of alcohol last night
  6. Even if you're pretty much there with your 15 year old son who is being surly w you bc he's still pissed off you made him come home earlier than he wanted to last night
  7. Dudes will still give prolonged eye contact
  8. Or say hello
  9. Or ask what you are buying
  10. Which is absurd because a) I am not hot, and b) I am not looking for a date
  11. So yeah.
  12. And FYI- I got albums by Blackalicious, Earth Wind & Fire, Elliot Smith, and the Kinks.
  13. Don't know where these guys were when I was looking to date people.