I fucking hated every one of my teachers when I was a kid. I got into education to make learning enjoyable and relevant. This is the best of just one day.
  1. 30 young women dancing in their seats, singing along to Beyonce's Grown Woman while responding to a quick writing prompt in my women's studies class.
    This was a magical moment. Maybe you had to be there, but I swear, it is the highlight of my career so far.
  2. The super quiet student raised her hand three times to contribute to a class discussion, and I called on her each time.
    Her confidence is becoming visible!
  3. "I was an asshole when I was a freshman. Sorry about that," a now junior told me at the end of the day.
    I said, "Awww, you were just a kid. Now you're grown up!" He was an asshole, though, but he had just lost his mother. Poor kid.
  4. I got a standing ovation.
    I can't even remember why.
  5. Students said thank you when they left the class. This happens every day. They are the best.