This place will always, always be my home, but I gotta cut this trip short and get back to the PNW.
  1. It was about 100 degrees today in San Francisco. That's not okay.
  2. I miss my bed.
  3. The traffic. Judas priest, the traffic.
  4. I keep getting charged for paper bags, even though I don't take one b/c I bring my own reusables. I'm not gonna argue w the 7-11 clerk over 25cents.
  5. Being here makes me feel sad that I have no siblings that live in my city or state or even in the same part of the country as me.
  6. The longer I am here, the more I want to move back to the Golden State, even if it's brown.
  7. And then I feel stupid because I have a good, easy-going reality and don't need to change it up.
  8. And if I moved, I would without a doubt regret leaving my job and friends and tidy life.
  9. But damn do I love it here so much.
  10. I do.
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