This will be an ongoing list
  1. "I hope you don't mind me getting in your drawers"
    He was talking about candy in my top drawer
  2. "Tell me you want me to eat your stuff"
    Said as he took some of my veggies out the bowl
  3. "I want to see you put it in your mouth"
    Talking about bananas
  4. "Let's go to your place"
    My cubicle
  5. "Let me get in there"
    Talking about this app
  6. "Everybody likes a clean hole"
    Talking about living in a gross house
  7. "That's my special sauce!"
    I asked why the plum sauce was sitting on the desk & he showed me his take out meal
  8. "Did you try Fred's meat?" "Fred's meat is tasty!"
    Frederic brought in a bag of pepperettes
  9. "He couldn't climb the pole"
    Tech didn't have spurs for installing cable
  10. "Smell here"
    Talking about the bbq for lunch
  11. "How huge?"
    Response to someone saying they have a huge problem
  12. "It's so thick & heavy"
    Talking about Fred's breadstick
  13. "Balls could fly with the right member"
    New lingo we can use on the phone!
  14. "Gimme some sugar"
    Asking for candy