I like to do two leg workouts in each cycle. This day is focused on more high rep, conditioning based training.
  1. 10 Minutes Stationary Bike: Low intensity to stretch out and get blood flow going
  2. 10 sets of 10 squats: First 3-4 sets are to warm up and build up to a working weight. Reps should be explosive. Keep rest period under 90 seconds.
  3. 4x20 Leg Extensions
  4. 4x20 Glute Kickbacks: Not a fan of these, but an important isolation lift
  5. 4x20 Glute Bridges: Garners a lot of stares in the gym, but important for a nice butt 😏.
  6. 3x10 Weighted Back extensions: Lower weight with a short hold at the top of the motion. Promoting blood flow to hamstrings.
  7. 3x15 Deadlifts: Any kind of grip is fine, but I am going with a sumo grip today. Get more power from my hips with a wider base.
  8. Weighted Sled Push Pull: Distance is up to performer.
  9. 4x20 Leg curls: Important to go through the whole range of motion to full contract hamstrings.
  10. 3x15 Hamstring Press: Feet have to be at the top of the board with re toes just coming off. The range of motion is short, but hits the hamstrings nicely.
  11. Stretch with 15 minutes of low intensity cardio. Helps cycle waste product buildup from workout in order to quicken recovery time.