1. 14
    I have maintained the same weight since this age.
  2. 27
    The number of times I ignored you in the hallway in high school.
  3. 3
    The number of times I've been on Shark Tank.
  4. 4
    The number of times a Shark invested in Bianca. I was stopped by Mark Cuban in the green room before I could pitch. He's invested $250k for a 10% stake in my artisanal gluten free cupcake company. Also I have the first cupcake company to get funded by a Shark.
  5. 7
    The number of times strangers have approached me asking if I would be an egg donor. I've got fantastic DNA… What can I say?
  6. 112
    The amount of burpees I do daily.
  7. 759
    The amount of calories I burn just sitting still. My metabolism is on autopilot.
  8. 0
    The amount of stretch marks I have from carrying my twins. It all goes back to the perfect Zimmer DNA.