7 GIFS that show up when I search my name

Inspired by @the23rdjoker
  1. This is pretty much my life abridged.
    Jokes are how I cope with being an adult.
  2. Somehow things just seem to quickly get out of hand.
    It's only weird if you make it...
  3. There are stages of laughter, and one of mine is Kermit D Frog.
    No sound, head flops back and forth. Perfect impression.
  4. I could really go for some Chipotle.
    But really, has anyone else ever had a burrito so large you thought they put a baby in your bag by mistake?
  5. My methods have in fact been called unorthodox in the past.
    Whatever gets the job done.
  6. Sometimes there are more feelings than you can yell at people.
    I sort my feelings into three categories for efficiency.
  7. They always did tell me I had big ears.
    I was affectionately called Rat Boy by my aunt.