How do we know? The answer is, we don't. We cannot definitively know because it's subjective. BUT if you can answer YES to any of these questions, then we deem it good. 💯👍✨❤️
  1. Did you enjoy making it?
    It's good. You experienced pleasure from the process. No matter what the outcome was, you gained from the experience which is a positive exchange. 👍
  2. Did you learn something from it?
    It's good. Viva La Process. If you learned something valuable, even if the outcome isn't exactly what you envisioned, it was good. 👍
  3. Do you like it?
    It's good. You made something and you like it! That's all you need, right there, to say it is good. 👍
  4. Did someone else enjoy your work?
    It's good. Someone else derived pleasure from it. It might not have been your favorite, but it served a positive purpose. 👍 This happens a lot in creative projects, where you make something for a client (design, writing, art, performance). You might hate the client's taste but if you did good work, they like and and are happy - which means you get paid and then you are happy. A positive exchange.
  5. Did someone else learn from it?
    It's good. Teaching is a powerful tool, and it's pretty hard to teach and not learn something yourself so if you said yes to this, you're probably saying yes to the points above. It's a positive exchange! 👍
  6. Did you push yourself, do your best and try as hard as you possibly could?
    It's good. Many times we try our best and still fall short. However, your audition/script/design/plan/product was still valuable and good, even if another person (or group) deems it less than. You tried your best, you did what you could to the best of your ability, and that process counts as much the final outcome. This affirmation may seem hollow in the face of disappointment, but you did the work and answered yes to one of the questions above in the process. That is enough. Good work! 👍
  7. Thank you @AlexandraLouise for requesting this list. Good work 👍