Getting started is so hard
  1. Make a LIST
  2. Go to Office Depot
    I thought some file folders would help
  3. Bioré pore strips
  4. Make 🍕🍪🍰🍳
  5. "Research"
  6. Drink 🍻🍷🍹
  7. Organize all the files on your desktop
    There so much junk there, I need a clear digital workspace
  8. Tell yourself "tomorrow is a new day"
  9. Go to bed early and set the alarm for way earlier than is humanly possible to get up, for a "fresh start"
    It could happen
  10. Lay on the couch and think about possibly going to yoga
  11. Call parents
  12. Vacuum
    Never a better time than when you're avoiding something.
  13. Text everyone to see what they're doing tonight
  14. Eat almond butter with a spoon