Illustrated, just now. ➕Comment if you try them re: feelings before/after 😁
  1. Fill a page with ink.
    Get a piece of paper and some pens or markers (highlighters work well. Neon!) and fill that sucker up. Doesn't even need to look like anything. Coloring mindlessly makes you feel zen af. If you're in an office, shut the door so people don't think you've lost your mind.
  2. Scissor time! Get that pair of fiskars and cut some paper snowflakes!
    Hell, cut some strips of paper even if snowflakes are too fancy. Cut the paper. Shapes. Holes. Cut cut cut. Regular paper, magazine, colored paper (you choose). If you're worried about a mess (whateverrrr) you can cut it over the trash can. It's so fun. Again, sounds dumb but you will enjoy it like a kindergartener who finally gets to use the big kid scissors.
  3. Drink a glass of water, slowly, preferably while looking out a window.
    Water is good! Get away from your screen for a bit. Even walk outside! Drink it! You're always dehydrated anyways.
  4. Get up and walk around your desk a couple times. If you're feeling inspired, do some jumping jacks.
    I always feel dumb doing it but immediately feel better afterward. It's like the Internet drains the blood from my brain so I need to move around to get it back.
  5. Set a timer for 10 minutes, lay on the floor, and take some deep breaths.
    Really deep breaths. Yoga-class-style breaths. Chill out. Stop that anxiety cycle, clear your mind, think about puppies and kittens and that you are a human in the world and it's going to be okay. You got this.