This list was requested by @Nicholas Who am I to turn him down (tho he might be sorry)
  1. Cold: this list title suggested by @Nicholas. Hot: Momma's Hot Calls
  2. Cold: the 6 foot icicles hanging off our Government Camp cabin Hot: Mach sledding on New Year's Eve down Blossom Trail in the freezing cold dark starry night
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  3. Hot: Drake's Hotline Bling video with its super cool set and sizzling sexy moves (thanks for the tip @pitchfork )
  4. Hot: 10:04 Ben Lerner's new "novel". So hot it melts time.
  5. Hot: Our President Obama. Did you see him speak on gun control today?
  6. Hot: Evidently my son @Nicholas I mean I always knew he was clever and good looking but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine he'd be nominated to be head coach of the Cleveland Browns by NE Ohio Regional Sewer @neorsd . I'm so proud!