Our favorite new music from this week..
  1. ANNA OF THE NORTH – The Dreamer
    Here is a beautiful piece of work from Norwegian pop artist ANNA OF THE NORTH. You’ve got to love a song with rolling drums and dreamy vibes. Something you can really zone out to. Anna delivers this with her latest track The Dreamer. She tells the age old story of young love and gradually drifting apart. However, It’s not a sad song. It’s actually quite up lifting. http://theeargazm.com/listen-anna-of-the-north-the-dreamer/
  2. PAPA - Hold On
    Anyone who’s heard PAPA’s previous music before, either live or recorded, can tell you their sound is BIG. Yet somehow, the LA band has expanded on that even more. From the first drum kick of “Hold On” it’s evident that PAPA has taken it to an even more thunderous level. http://theeargazm.com/listen-papa-hold-on/
  3. Christine and the Queens – “Tilted” & “IT”
    Christine and the Queens makes electro-pop music with the kind of subdued, effortless cool that one would expect given her French upbringing. There’s a warmth in her groove that feels equal parts uplifting and melancholy, creating undeniably beautiful music. http://theeargazm.com/listen-christine-and-the-queens-tilted-it/
  4. Chance the Rapper- Angels
    God damn I love when Chance the Rapper drops new tracks. He released a song last night called Angels and I think it might be his best since his debut album Acid Rap. This kid is on fire. http://theeargazm.com/listen-chance-the-rapper-angels/