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  1. I ate a yogurt today that expires on my birthday
  2. Why do you get butterflies when you go fast over slopes on the road
  3. Funny to think about the first people in charge of the English language. Red could of been Sarah
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Random tidbits of Moi
  1. I have a morning routine at work of entering into various sweepstakes before I start my day
  2. I've never had much of an interest in clocks...especially antiques. They remind me of things passing whether slowly or quickly, I don't like it either way. I wish it was something I could forget existed.
  3. I just got my first ever bre sting ON my 28th birthday. My boyfriend said I handled it like a champ 💪🏽
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  1. Do therapists have therapists?
    Rewatching Dr. Katz as an adult is one of the best decisions I've made this year
  2. If I had a more distinct voice Im pretty sure I'd be a well known comedian by now
    Or at least well on my way
  3. Why am I not famous yet?
    I'm bloating with potential here!
  4. I tried Baby Foot this weekend (a guinea pig for my mom)
    Why is the only outcome I'm imagining is having to get my feet amputated?
  1. Why did I come back??? Oh right...money
  2. I realized all my shoulder and back pain come from this stupid desk that's made for a giant 29 inches high!?! COME ON!
  3. Monday- Friday consists of moving from one seat(car, office) to another (couch, dinner table)
  4. Withdrawaling from the sand and sun like a crackhead
    *Rocking back and forth singing sweet lullabies to myself*
This will be a weekly refreshed post...yeah it's pretty slow here
  1. There's a library that protects the world's rarest colors!!!
    It's Harvard go figure
  2. SafeCity
    is a community platform to report issues of sexual harassment by location maps in India - does the US have something like this?
  3. Cheryl's Cookies
    Has summer flavors now 😀!!!
  4. 10yr old Monica from Kenya
    I walked in her 'shoes' today via RYOT's immersive 360 video and left with swollen feet and an even more swollen heart <3 ryot.huffingtonpost.com/growing-up-girl/