Now for the first time ever, and not to be repeated until next December, the TFG pound for pound top ten. It contains names which haven't yet appeared in the monthly top five.
  1. Roman Gonzalez
    He's tracking toward an eventual rematch with Juan Francisco Estrada at 112 pounds, then maybe a showdown with Japan's Naoya Inouye at a higher weight.
  2. Gennady Golovkin
    Some thought David Lemieux, with his spectacular power, could endanger Triple G in a war. Not even an issue, as Golovkin threw forty six first round jabs, landing more than half of them, and dictated every second of the technical knockout win.
  3. Sergey Kovalev
    His style is so fiercely destructive you don't at first think of subtle skills, but he's got those too. The rematch with Jean Pascal should show us his predatory instincts at work.
  4. Canelo Alvarez
    He's made it clear he can function against different styles, from sluggers like James Kirkland to boxers like Lara and Trout, to the hybrid style of Miguel Cotto. He's got brains and brawn, and the poise to perform under pressure.
  5. Andre Ward
    He is an American star. But without activity you don't light fires, and it's been years. He has a contract to fight Sergey Kovalev in the second half of 2016, and if he wins that fight he's got a case for number one.
  6. Terence Crawford
    With a bullet and with a possible chance to face Pacquaio in the Spring, in what could be Manny's farewell fight. You could scarcely write a better script. America wants a signature star to follow Mayweather.
  7. Manny Pacquaio
    There was never a moment in his career when the style matchup with Mayweather wouldn't have conspired against him. But he remains unusually fast, elusive and powerful, and he still beats most everyone else.
  8. Vasyl Lomachenko
    This ranking is mostly about believing what your eyes tell you about his sophisticated skills, but his convincing win over Gary Russell Jr. is a real credential too.
  9. Kell Brook
    His name is mentioned for possible fights with everyone from Tim Bradley to Keith Thurman, but it hasn't happened, at least in part because Brook can box and Brook can punch.
  10. Timothy Bradley
    His dominant win over barely there Brandon Rios seemed to demonstrate there is potential for a career resurgence with new trainer Teddy Atlas.