The year end Gatti List focuses on the six fighters who fueled the three best high profile fights all year.
  1. Ruslan Provodnikov
    Ruslan Provodnikov remains as dependable as any entertainment commodity in boxing. He knew in April he'd have to go to war with Lucas Matthysse to win, and he did.
  2. Lucas Matthysse
    Matthysse boxed just enough to win the fight, and retain for that moment his own warrior identity. Later in the year when Matthysse gave in against pure boxer Viktor Postol, you had to wonder how much the Siberian Rocky had taken out of him.
  3. Marco Huck
    Marco Huck came to America from Germany to defend his cruiserweight championship, and lived up to his rock 'em, sock 'em identity.
  4. Christof Glowacki
    Polish challenger Christof Glowacki got up from a sixth round knockdown, then shocked him with an eleventh round knockout to take that crown. For several months this was the fight of the year.
  5. Takashi Miura
    Takashi Miura showed up on the undercard of Cotto-Canelo defending a 130-pound belt. And very nearly got knocked out in the first round by Mexico's Francisco Vargas. Then Miura began landing vicious power shots and almost finished off Vargas.
  6. Francisco Vargas
    Vargas entered the ninth round blind in his right eye and nearly knocked Miura into next week. The Japanese champion rose and struggled mightily to stay upright. When Vargas ripped him again referee Tony Weeks stepped in to stop it.