This month's Gatti List is informed by opponents who never quit.
  1. Eamonn O'Kane
    O'Kane went down twice in the first round against Tureano Johnson and at that moment you wouldn't have bet much on him to go twelve rounds. But he did, and his appetite for punishment never waned.
  2. Tureano Johnson
    Johnson himself broke a Compubox record for middleweight power punches landed, formerly held by Bernard Hopkins, and showed us why his manager calls him "the Bahamian Arturo Gatti".
  3. Brian Viloria
    Viloria was nothing if not valiant against Chocolatito Gonzalez. In the same tenth round in which Gonzalez ultimately finished him, Viloria took the pound for pound number one's breath away with a liver shot.
  4. Dierry Jean
    Jean painted Terence Crawford with a couple of straight right hands, and very capably upheld the Haitian Canadian Gatti List tradition originated by Jean Pascal. He also got under Crawford'a skin, which added to the entertainment value.
  5. Romulo Koasicha
    An obscure rural Mexican discovery we will most likely never see again, but he hung in for nearly ten rounds of brutal punishment on his first trip to America and though he was embarrassed by Lomachenko he in no way embarrassed himself.