This list reminds us of the five fights that most inculcated the Mexico-Puerto Rico rivalry into the lore of the sport.
  1. January 14, 1979. Wilfred Benitez decisions Carlos Palomino.
    Title fights were still fifteen rounds at the time. Victory for Puerto Rico.
  2. August 21, 1981. Salvador Sanchez knocked out Wilfredo Gomez in the eighth.
    The Mexican Sanchez was the James Dean of boxing, dead in a car crash less than a year later, career record 44-1-1.
  3. December 3, 1982. Wilfredo Gomez knocked out Lupe Pintor in the fourteenth.
    Gomez gets a form of revenge for his loss to Sanchez.
  4. November 21, 1987. Julio Cesar Chavez knocked out Edwin Rosario in the eleventh.
    Rosario was a classy puncher, but Chavez was unbeatable at that time.
  5. July 26, 2008. Antonio Margarito over Miguel Cotto by 11th round knockout.
    Circumstantial evidence later made clear this was almost certainly a criminal beat down with loaded gloves. It leaves all of Puerto Rico with a lingering grudge, even though Cotto later got and easily won the rematch.