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Nirvana is the moment when punching your fist through a wall meets crying uncontrollably while laughing like a giddy school girl/If someone had filmed the 5 minutes I spent listening to Adele's new single "Hello," this morning, the footage could most certainly be used grounds for institutionalization.
  1. Joy
  2. Pure Ecstasy
  3. Questionably sexual arousal
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  1. The Odyssey
    I got an A on this paper, thus teaching me that one can succeed academically by doing literally 0 work but putting a colon in your essay title.
  2. The Color Purple
    I actually started this one.
  3. Grapes of Wrath
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  1. Put sheets on my bed.
  2. Throw away the wing stop bag on my nightstand.
  3. Not fall asleep watching Netflix.
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