I've just discovered this app and am super stoked because I love lists. I feel I should contribute instead of just creepily stalking other people's lists. But I can't decide what would make a good introductory list...
  1. Things that aren't scary that people I know are scared of
    Balloons... Lizards... Vaginas... Finding a puma in your apartment...
  2. Why "Hotlanta" is the shittiest city nickname ever
    It has to be why Atlanta has never had a Real World.
  3. Top 10 Best Customer Meltdowns at my Restaurant
    But which would be my #1? The time I had a gyro thrown at me..? The time the police were summoned because I charged 50¢ for sauce...?
  4. Strange animals I have found in my home
    The squirrel was the greatest adventure, but the rhino was the funniest one that never happened.
  5. Celebrities I would have whacked if I could get away with it
    Im looking at you, Ashton.
  6. Things that Penny would look like were she those things
    Emus... Newt Gingrich... The French Revolution... I could go on.
  7. A list of introductory list topics
    That would be lame. Meta is so 2008.