Help us break the internet by taking a selfie & making the #GlobalGoals more famous than Kim Kardashian's behind.
  1. Post your #GlobalGoals selfie today!
  2. Pick which of the #GlobalGoals you feel most passionately about.
  3. Take a selfie including the number of your goal.
    Write it on your hand, your face or just hold up your fingers.
  4. Share your #GlobalGoals selfie.
    On Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, THE LIST APP & also remember to text it to your mum, just make sure you tell everyone that this is your #GlobalGoals selfie & to follow @TheGlobalGoals.
  5. Don’t like selfie’s? Not about that Kim Kardashian life? That’s fine! You can also...
  6. Tweet, Instagram, Facebook, List App, text your mum!
    Do anything you can to tell everyone about the #GlobalGoals.
  7. Or.. join Global Citizen today!
    And take part in anything and everything they are doing to make the #GlobalGoals famous (one of those things is a concert with Beyonce, @globalcitizen are cool, they're kind of our heroes).
  8. And for the super lazy...
    RT one of our tweets, share a picture from our website, we’re @TheGlobalGoals on everything and the link to our website is at the end of this post, go on, do it, you know you want to! (we told you it was there).