1. Easy, breezy, Chaco-girl
    No need to constrict your phalanges anymore than they already are! Let those puppies breathe.
  2. Sweet Ass Tan Lines
    What's better than showing your commitment to sunny skies and great outdoors than a semi-permanent, cancer inducing burn on the top of your foot?
  3. Versatility and Supoort
    These shoes have great support for my low-ass arches and can be worn in almost any situation from formal dinner to hiking outside!
  4. Options!!!
    Have you been on their website?! They make the options for patterns, colors, and designs almost infinite!
  5. They're not Tevas.
  6. People are excited by them not being Tevas
    People tell me, "Hey, nice Tevas." I get to correct them and let them know about the amazing world of Chacos just around the corner
  7. The little Gecko mascot
    Seriously have you even inspected a pair of Chacos before? That little gecko is a homie.