In the year of 1999, it seemed like every movie I saw featured the song "All Star" by Smash Mouth. But how many movies was it actually on?
  1. Shrek
    Obvious. Everyone knows the words to the first two verses because of that opening sequence.
  2. Rat Race
    Smash Mouth THEMSELVES were in the movie at the end performing the song. It's part of the PLOT.
  3. The Digimon Movie
    Inexplicable. I wore this VHS out, and even as a child the song seemed out of nowhere.
  4. Mystery Men
    The music video for "All Star" featured the cast from this terrible early Ben Stiller vehicle. This movie was so boring I fast forwarded through it on Netflix to see if it ever got good. It didn't.
  5. Inspector Gadget
    I don't even remember this song in the movie?!
  6. Go Tigers!
    This one I only know cuz of Wikipedia. I have no idea what it is.
  7. Are there any I'm (slash Wikipedia is) missing?? I feel like there have to be more.