Move night. Back before Netflix and Hulu, all you had was the old VHS and then DVD collection. So of course some movies got rewatched, 'cause we can't rent something from the Video Stop every DAY!
  1. Three Amigos
    Props to my parents for having impeccable comedy taste. This one HOLDS UP. And was only slightly inappropriate for the young, impressionable elementary schoolers we were!
  2. Galaxy Quest
    Three Amigos, but in space! Also actually super holds up?? As a Trek fan and a scifi fan in general, it's just so fun. Also, they make jokes about it, but Sigourney Weaver's cleavage in this film might have jumpstarted my sexual awakening. MOSTLY acceptable for elementary schoolers.
  3. Robin Hood: Men In Tights
    I thought this movie was hilarious as a kid. Looking back on it, I'm not sure how my parents thought it was okay to show to us. But to their credit, I didn't get any of the dirty jokes 'til I watched it in high school. Definitely not appropriate for kids, but it sailed over my head, so I guess who cares??
  4. Pirates of the Caribbean
    Notable for being one of the first DVDs that we watched over and over. Also notable for being a really great first installment of a franchise that was subsequently watered down by each following installment of said franchise. I still love this movie when taken as a solo, one-off adventure.
  5. The Princess Bride
    My dad is the BIGGEST nerd for this movie, and he passed it on to his kids. We all can quote the whole thing while watching it, so if any one in my family invites you to watch it, probably say no, just to avoid the incessant quoting.
  6. George of the Jungle
    This movie gave me a life long fondness for Brendan Fraser, that so far he has done NOTHING with. It's so goofy! I wonder if people liked it when it came out?
  7. That Thing You Do
    One time, I stage doored a show Tom Hanks was in and wanted to thank him for That Thing You Do, but he was too far away! In my top 10 favorite movies, Tom Hanks directorial debut is still a joy to watch on the umpteenth viewing. The music is so great, and the dialogue is so quotable. It also birthed my love of Steve Zahn. That guy needs to be in more things!