I am a convert and these craft distilled make the grade! Cheers!
  1. Green Hook- this one had me at "hello". Gin beyond compare - perfectly herbaceous on the nose and the palate. Makes a perfect martini and makes me smile (thank you USC's Audris for the turn-on).
  2. Dorothy Parker - yes she was my kind of woman and this gin is as irreverent as she was! First sipped in Paris (really) but now loving it stateside. Here's showing up and making some good noise!
  3. Junipero- the name says it all- ripe with juniper, super smooth and made for mixing! Warning- this is crazy high proof!
  4. Barr Hill- while I am not known for sweet anything- I kind of dig the honey in this Vermont small batch gem. Bee's Knees anyone?
  5. The Botanist - fancy stuff (price to match) made dry and full hand-picked local botanicals. I want to reject all of this overthinking, but it is yummy!