Sad loss, RIP and sigh
  1. Driving , belting Take It To the Limit - since I became a licensed driver in 1983 and still to this day (ok now at home as I write this list too).
  2. My Mother endlessly signing Desperado into a hairbrush at the beauty salon in Philadelphia burbs - early 1970s- she was something!
  3. My songwriting - oh how I tried to hit that amazing mark of engaging narrative come to life like Wasted Time, Victim of Love, etc...
  4. My love for Jackson Browne- Glen brought the California sound to this little girl in Philly and the rest, well is history!
  5. Desiree to "know all the right people and take all the right pills" - at the time I was a bit young but how cool that line from Life in the Fast Lane was!
  6. A high school moment of Miami Vice, The Heat is On, Smugglers Blues and well it was the 1980s
  7. Peaceful Easy Feeling- was just omnipresent (and now lives on in XM the Bridge, pls do not judge me)
  8. The end