This is how we roll (baguette?)
  1. Tomme Trois Lait
    The trifecta from France
  2. Gorwydd Carrphilly
    Crazy name for a strong blue cow
  3. Firefly Farm Black & Blue
    Well that sounds more American!
  4. Rachel
    I have a thing for this hard-to-find thermalized goat named for the daughter of the Dairy dude! Also a splurge!!
  5. Pluts d'astier
    A little rich on all levels but who says "no thanks" to raw French sheep!
  6. 30 Month Comte
    A serious wow- raw, cow, France= yum!
  7. Buche de Lucay
    Maybe I just like saying it!
  8. Epoisses
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    There is no New Year until there are spoons in epoisses