More home pregnancy tests show up positive in the US in Jan & Feb than any month...
  1. Take pregnancy test multiple times
  2. Calculate due date multiple times
  3. Consider sharing ( equation original + cute = win) on social media
  4. Stop dead in your tracks - work
  5. Work, what about work?
  6. Quickly find a work BFF who has been there -best bet- will work for food, manis, barre classes, etc.
    * kidding, nice to do but most been there, done that parents are happy to help!
  7. Data dump - all you ever wanted to know about having a baby at this company but never needed to ask.
  8. Plan to plan (yes really)
  9. Take fully fleshed plan to manager- tell don't ask, inform don't inquire- be the master of the moment
  10. Nap (being preggers is super tiring)
  11. Tell me how it goes...