Things I did between 6am & 6pm
  1. Made coffee for my mother as she cleaned up after my father's overnight mess
    She was grateful
  2. Tried to instill optimism in my ill since September father
    He apologized for not buying it
  3. Commended my son for making the trek to Philadelphia with me to visit his grandparents
    He was a trooper
  4. Face timed with my husband as he walked the dog
    Good thing, I was the only one to notice the AM poop
  5. Edited two articles
    I am grateful for my wonder-team
  6. Drove from Philly to DC
    Would have been happier had we made a cheesesteak stop, but happy for WXPN
  7. Dropped off son at hockey rink
  8. Brought endless amounts of food storage containers in from the car
    I've been cooking a lot for my Mom & co in philly
  9. Sat down
    Bubble water was a nice touch
  10. Edited a deck
    Looks good and adore this team too
  11. Daughter bikes too far in an effort to clear her head (breakup)
    Offer to drive too far to pick her up then wait endlessly for her to show up
  12. Remember I have no dinner reservation for PM meeting
    Make one
  13. Consider getting dressed for dinner
    Want to whine, I don't wanna
  14. Write a list
    Here you find me