In no particular order
  1. From Charlotte to Charles: how one bad haircut made people think I was a boy for 2 years
  2. All the injuries I've sustained while talking to cute boys
  3. I was once called a menace by a man with a dad mustache and mom jeans on
  4. A continuously updated list of all the times I've thrown up in public
  5. That one time my dad walked in on me sobbing to the "My Best Friend's Wedding" soundtrack
  6. Other rom-com soundtracks I cry to
  7. I was once the bad option in that MASH game middle schoolers play- look at me now!
  8. A short list of all the bald men I've been attracted to
  9. How Law and Order: SVU has shaped me into the woman I am today
  10. Careers I've wanted to pursue before I found out how hard they are