Summer is typically prime movie season, and this year is no exception. This list is not an endorsement or criticism of any of these films, just a compilation of those that looked interesting or noteable on some level.
  1. Money Monster
    They don't make many financial thrillers anymore. My guess at the ending: a revelation of something that really isn't that much of a revelation. "The corporations were up to no good." You don't say?
  2. The Lobster
    A weird rom-com with an original premise and a distracting Irish accent. Might as well.
  3. The Nice Guys
    It seems like more 70s-set LA crime films revolve around porn than don't. That doesn't mean this doesn't look hilarious.
  4. Neighbors 2
    Looks exactly like the first film, with the gender of the college students the only change. I'm not complaining.
  5. X-Men: Apocalypse
    This exists because money exists. And people like explosions. No other reason.
  6. Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping
    The Lonely Island unleashes a scathing satire about the state of pop music. As close to a slam dunk as we're going to see this summer.
  7. Now You See Me 2
    Did it need a sequel? No. Does it have a discernible plot? No. Will I see it based on the strength of the first one? Yeah.
  8. Central Intelligence
    The Rock does The Rock things while Kevin Hart does Kevin Hart things. Some good, some bad.
  9. Independence Day: Resurgence
    Oh look, another unnecessary sequel that goes heavy on the destruction porn. But it'll probably get me to watch the first one.
  10. Free State of Jones
    A welcome distraction from the steady flow of violent, high-tech blockbusters: a violent, low-tech blockbuster.
  11. Swiss Army Man
    It has a farting corpse, and that's all I know about it. Promising start.
  12. Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates
    It doesn't look like it'll be what many people define as "good," but Aubrey Plaza is great in general.
  13. Ghostbusters
    If they had to reboot this one, at least they did it with four of the funniest actresses working today.
  14. Star Trek Beyond
    JJ Abrams' pretty-alright Star Trek revamp continues. The trailer gave no hints as to what the plot might be. The public didn't complain loudly. Maybe they don't care.
  15. Jason Bourne
    Was it necessary? No. Is it a money grab? Yeah. Will it be better than The Bourne Legacy? Yeah.
  16. Suicide Squad
    The DC Movie Universe finally cracks a smile. It could use it.
  17. The Founder
    The McDonald's founder biopic will be a welcome, intelligent diversion from the rest of the summer fare.
  18. Sausage Party
    Sounds like an R-rated Toy Story that centers around grocery store products. With Seth Rogen at the helm, this might just be stupid enough to work.