Ways I waste money

  1. Hair products
    I am on an endless hunt for the pomade, gel, cream and shampoo that will make me look 35. This of course does not exist.
  2. The grilled chicken breasts at Fairway
    I buy all my groceries at Fairway and I seem to always buy the grilled chicken breasts, which are disgusting and get thrown away.
  3. Tokens and stuff on Chaturbate
    I'm never gonna meet these people and they wouldn't really like me if we did meet!
  4. Eyeglasses
    I wear black Woody Allen/Buddy Holly style eye glasses, very traditional— worn them for years. But I still experiment at Warby Parker cause them seem cheap! (I never end up wearing them)
  5. Underwear
    Other people launder theirs. I seem to just buy more.
  6. Socks
    See above.
  7. Anything full priced item J Crew or Banana Republic
    It'll be on sale in a week!