Sharing favorite cartoons from the 80s and why they were the best!
  1. Thundercats
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    People cats! They were the coolest! THUNDERCATS HOOOOO!
  2. Sher-a: Princess of Power
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    Chick with a sword on a rainbow flying horse! Nuf-said!
  3. Jem & The Holograms
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    It's like Hannah Montana without the crazy and in the latest 80s fashions. Truly outrageous!
  4. The Smurfs
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    Little blue dudes fighting against the man & his cat. But, why was there only one chick smurf? Somethings is not right there.
  5. The Snorkes
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    The under water cousins of the smurfs. The octopus puppy was my fav.