Tabs that say I should be working but instead I am making this list.
  1. Adthrive
    Got to check the ad revenue
  2. Facebook
    Isn't it always?
  3. The List App
    Yes even on my browser. I wanted to see what a shared list looked like.
  4. CoSchedule
    Need to check the content calendar
  5. Google Analytics
    And how many people are on my blog. You could be one of them
  6. Wordpress: Edit post
    I should be working on a post. Instead I am making this list.
  7. A Small Orange: Dashboard
    My blog was down...AGAIN!
  8. Orang Geek
    Looking like it's time to maybe change hosting service.
  9. You Tube: Joanna Rants
    One of my fav YouTube channels! She is hi-lar-i-ous!
  10. Facebook
    Because one FB tab isn't enough.