1. A sports bra is a bra!
  2. Is this lady really going to follow me into the dressing room?
  3. What's my size?
  4. My head can fit in this cup!
  5. There is already a boob in this bra!
  6. Nude, white or black? Lace is pretty but let's be real...
  7. Underwire...it's a love hate relationship
  8. $60 for a torture device!! *grabs sports bra she came in with*
  9. I wish it was the 60s so I could just burn all the bras!
  10. Why do bras even exist
    Suggested by @SharinaWunders
  11. I hate bra shopping *exit store without buying a single item
    Suggested by @SharinaWunders
  12. You only need one but it's a sale if you buy 5
    Suggested by @JoanCCMore