1. Beef chuck
    Headed to the slow cooker today
  2. Udi's chocolate chip cookies
    Not bc I have a gluten allergy it's bc they are delicious! They taste like they have toffee but there is no toffee!
  3. Milk
    Hubs likes Braum's 2%. If you live in OK, KS, AR, MO or TX you know all about Braum's!
  4. Almond milk
    I'm a little nutty so I like almond milk.
  5. Blue Moon Belgian White 🍺
  6. Chameleon Cold Brew Coffee
    Love this stuff! Great when I don't have time to get my little stove top espresso maker going. Enjoy hot or cold. Coffee is already done!
  7. Several mustards
    I have all the mustards. I like to make my own dressings and I like to add a touch of mustard.
  8. Last night's arroz con pollo
    Leftovers are the best!
  9. Rainbow Chard
    Because it's Fall!
  10. Honeycrisp apples
    Best apple ever!
  11. Cheeses
    Too many cheeses. Am I a mouse?
  12. Butters
    Yes plural.
  13. Heavy whipping cream
  14. Eggs
  15. All the fresh herbs
  16. Deli meats
    Ham off the bone, chorizo, Black Forest, prosciutto & salami
  17. Beets
    Golden & red
  18. Rainbow carrots
  19. Tomato sauce
  20. Chicken stock