Just stepped out of the shower and you're cornered by a big ass spider
  1. Squealed and EEEEKKK
    This feels affective but does nothing except scare the dog.
  2. Consider backing out slowly
    But if you leave it alone it will get you in your sleep
  3. Think to maybe snap it with your towel
    But it's cold and your still wet and the towel is the only thing keeping you from getting frost bite.
  4. Grab face wash tube and aim
    Realize that face wash tube is too small. You need a large item, larger item covers more surface. More surface cover better change to kill the bugger.
  5. Grab Costco side shampoo bottle and take aim
    Take a deep breath and throw!
  6. Miss!
    Spider makes a run for it!
  7. Scream like a freak and trip over freaked out dog while running away.
    Slam bathroom door and make sure you weren't followed
  8. Avoid bathroom for the rest of the day.
    Because insects understand boundaries and will stay confined to one room.