In honor of @bjnovak's birthday 🎉🍰🎉🍰 here are my top 5 favorite episodes written by the one and only. Comment your favorite episode by B.J. below. Honorable mention to Chair Model (S4E14)
  1. Sexual Harassment (S2E2)
    We meet Todd Packer! (AKA the Donald Trump of The Office) This is another episode where Michael has to deal with Toby enforcing policies which never ends well. Also when Michael tells Phyllis the only thing he worries about when he's near her is "getting a boner". Jim plays with a sex doll!
  2. Safety Training (S3E19)
    "Dwight you ignorant slut!" Only Michael Scott would pretend to kill himself to teach the office a lesson they already know
  3. Boys and Girls (S2E15)
    Michael gets jealous of the girls only meeting headed by Jan which prompts him to start his own guys own meeting and even invites Toby! Dwight worries about the females of the office getting on "the same cycle" if they stay in the conference room too long. One of my favorite Jim and Pam moments appear here when Jim encourages her to go to graphic design school unlike Roy. And my favorite moment... when Kelly makes Jan incredibly more uncomfortable.
  4. Counseling (S7E2)
    Michael and Toby have to spend 6 hours together which should be enough to speak to how amazing this episode was, but I'll continue. Pam expertly scams Gabe into thinking she's been office administrator all this time, then when he figures out she's lying we see Pam challenge Gabe to deny her the job *SPOILER ALERT* Pam wins. And finally Jim and Andy try to help Dwight Pretty Woman a store that denied him to come in after beet juice was mistaken for blood.
  5. Diversity Day (S1E2)
    My favorite episode ever! Leave it to Michael Scott to put race cards in other's heads.This is the first episode that we really get a look into Michael's 'distinct' personality and how he interacts with his diverse employees, also the amount of jokes per minute is ridiculously high. Not sure if this is true, but I also heard prior to this episode Greg Daniels did was not quite sure how to use @mindy in the series until this script.Not to mention that Jim and Pam moment at the end 😍