1. Jim: "No thanks, I'm good." Michael: "That's what she said!"
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    2.02 Sexual Harassment
  2. Pam: "My mother's coming." Michael: "That's what she said!"
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    2.02 Sexual Harassment
  3. Jim: "Wow, that is really hard." "You really think you can go all day long?" "Well, you always left me satisfied and smiling..." Michael: "That's what she said!"
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    2.02 Sexual Harassment
  4. Kevin: "Why did you get it so big?" Michael: "That's what she said!"
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    2.10 Christmas Party
  5. Doctor: "Does the skin look red and swollen?" Dwight: "That's what she said" Michael: "That's. My. Joke. Dammit Dwight!"
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    2.12 The Injury
  6. Oscar: "You should put butter on it". Michael: "That's what she said"
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    2.12 The Injury (Deleted Scene)
  7. *Cold open if Dwight eating grapes* Michael: "That's what she said" Dwight: "I don't get it" Michael: "Grapes. Seductive"
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    2.17 Dwight's Speech
  8. Angela: "You already did me" *Camera pans to Jim who mouths 'That's what she said.'* Michael: "That's what she said"
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    2.21 Conflict Resolution