In honor of last night's GOP debate, here's an idea I just had to share. Feel free to add some suggestions
  1. Meredith Palmer as Lindsey Graham
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    Who said it, Meredith or Lindsey? "That's the first thing I'm gonna do as president. We're gonna drink more."
  2. Todd Packer as Donald Trump
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    Despite Packer being bald and Trump having an animal on his head, these two in my opinion share similar traits. In the beginning Packer was kind of entertaining, but we eventually reached a point where we groaned every time he appeared. The same applies to Trump in this election. Not to mention they're both kind of assholes.
  3. Kevin Malone as Jeb Bush
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    It just works...if Jeb ever needs help balancing the budget just use Keleven ""A mistake plus keleven gets you home by seven."
  4. Oscar Martinez as Marco Rubio
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    I don't really have a lot of reasoning for this one, but it just works. Both are very well spoken and intelligent. They're also both senators.
  5. Angela is of course Carly Fiorina
    I can't really tell them apart. The Fiorina character is clearly based on Angela's character.
    Suggested by @christinakc