1. I wrote "The Penis Apologies" there
    "I took a crapload of women's studies at Cornell. I wrote a companion to The Vagina Monologues called The Penis Apologies." (Episode 7.23)
  2. The Frisbee Golf Club started by yours truly #FROLF
    "I started the main frisbee golf club at Cornell. Where I went to college." (Episode 3.9)
  3. Whenever I go back, there's always a piece of me there
    "I got into Cornell off the Wait List. A lot of people were like, "Oh, you just got into Cornell because your dad donated a building." No. Okay. I got into Cornell because I'm smart. I'm smart enough to have a dad who donates buildings to things." (Episode 4.10)
  4. Here Comes Treble is still iconic at the school
    Broccoli Rob's a dick, Boner Champ (me) was always the favorite.
  5. They give out these awesome car stickers to alumni
  6. Cornell taught me perseverance
    "No. I will not be playing it "cool" with Angela. Let me tell you a little story. When I was seventeen, I was waitlisted at my number one school. Even though I was a legacy, and I had like a thousand extra-curriculars, mostly drama, madrigals, barbershop club, I was waitlisted. Did I wait, on that list? No, I did not. I busted into the admissions office and I sang them all the reasons they should admit me to the school. And guess what? I. Got. In. And here's the kicker. That school? Cornell."
  7. Everyone's heard of it