I decided to make this list because I just finished watching The Office for the third time and am extremely emotional! P.S. I tried to keep things in order but thoughts kept popping up, so sorry about that! P.P.S. This took me forever so enjoy!
  1. Jim telling Pam he loves her and getting rejected.
    I was so mad at Pam the first and third times watching this episode!
  2. Dwight mercy-killing Angela's cat and Angela breaking up with him.
    This broke my heart, Dwight tried to be nice and ended up ruining their crazy relationship. ;(
  3. Jim consoling Dwight and Dwight reaching for Jim, but he had already left.
    This was one of my favorite Jim/Dwight moments. The way Dwight reached for thin air was heartbreaking.
  4. Dwight consoling Pam.
    Dwight had a heart back then after all.
  5. Pam failing art school.
    When everyone though Pam was going to be in New York for another 3 months was so awful!
  6. Michael watching the tape of his younger self and realizing his dream didn't come true.
    The sadness on Michael's face was so heartbreaking...
  7. The Booze Cruise pause between Jim and Pam.
    Their eyes said so much, the acting and chemistry by and between @JennaFischer and John Krasinski was absolute phenomenal.
  8. Jim and Pam's wedding.
    "The boat was Plan C, the church was Plan B, and Plan A was marrying Pam a long, long time ago."
  9. Michael's proposal to Holly.
    I'm sorry if this offends anyone, but Michaels proposal was the greatest TV proposal of all time.
  10. The departure of Michael Scott.
    "The best boss I ever had."
  11. Andy going to Florida to win back Erin.
    Andy loved her so much and this was so sweet!
  12. Andy's entire family falling apart.
    Andy was actually the one who kept a cool head, whaaaat?
  13. Andy leaving for 3 months and hurting Erin.
    I hated what the writers did with Andy in Season 9, he was a completely different person.
  14. Pam breaking down over the phone with Jim.
    This was the scariest moment of the whole series, I wanted to scream and Jim!
  15. Jim showing Pam just how much she means to him.
  16. Dwight's proposal to Angela.
    "This expresses just how loud my love is for you!"
  17. Pam selling the house to move to Austin with Jim.
    Just like Jim bought it without telling her!
  18. Erin meeting her birth parents.
    "Same question but with your father?"
  19. Andy becoming famous in a way he didn't expect.
    "Oh I do can just sit her and cry!"
  20. The last "that's what she said" by Michael Scott.
    "I can't believe you came!" "That's what she said!l
  21. Jim being the best Bestest Mench.
    He brought back Michael Scott and let Dwight shoot and RPG, how could there be a better Bestest Mench?
  22. Dwight becoming Manager.
  23. Angela and Phyllis becoming really good friends.
    They hated each other for so long and this just warmed my heart!
  24. Everybody's last line.
    They were so good!
  25. The last time everyone was together in the office.
    It was so sad seeing everyone together again for the last time!
  26. Kevin and Dwight making up.
    Aww that was so nice!
  27. Angela finding out the Senator and Oscar were having an affair.
    I feel like Angela wasn't sad about the affair, I think she was sad the affair was with her friend.
  28. The last line of the show.
    "There's a lot of beauty in ordinary things. Isn't that kinda the point?"
  29. Pam going into labor and refusing to go to the hospital
    Jim consoling her...Michael and Kevin "helping".
    Suggested by @ashlee