Just know that, to me, Pam Beesly became Pam Halpert when she started dated Jim. @JennaFischer
  1. She's not afraid to express her opinions.
    In the first 2 seasons and most of the 3rd season she was too scared or shy to express how she really felt, but that changed when she started dating Jim. In the episode "The Sting" she wasn't afraid to admit to Jim she used to like Danny, and even to ask him why he didn't call her back.
  2. She's not afraid to follow her dreams.
    She left her home and boyfriend to go to art school for THREE MONTHS.
  3. She is better at making big decisions.
    She sold her and Jims house so they could move without asking him.
  4. She is smarter.
    A lot of people may disagree with this, but the way she got her office administrator job was brilliant, she didn't just con her way into the job. Firstly, it was a needed job in the office, as you can see she was needed a lot. Secondly, she helped a lot and was actually good at it.
  5. She cares more about her appearance.
    I don't know if this was on purpose or not but Pam took better care of her hair and wore more makeup to work, and that shows she had more pride than she used to.