The Best Halloween Costumes From the Office

They were so great
  1. Two-headed Michael.
    The fact that there were two Michaels in this episode was great. Also it made an appearance in another episode, so that's always awesome.
  2. The Joker (Creed)
    Creed is weird enough as himself, but when he has all the makeup and even acts like The Joker, it adds a whole new level of weird.
  3. A kitten (Andy)
    Andy obviously spent too much time on this costume, and when he got bent-out-of-shape when Jim called him a cat and not a kitten, it was absolutely priceless!
  4. Charlie Chaplin (Pam) @JennaFischer
    When I saw Pam in this episode for the first time, I legitimately belly-laughed. When Pam took off her hat and looked like an extremely feminine Hitler, I was so dead😂
  5. MacGruber! (Michael)
    Michael was extremely excited about this costume, and every time he looked at the camera and yelled, "MacGruber!" , I died laughing
  6. BookFace (Jim)
    Another one of Jim's creative "costumes", I chose this one above the rest for the fact that Darryl thought he was BookFave and not FaceBook!
  7. Michael Moore (Kevin)
    It's scary how much Kevin looks like Michael Moore in this.
  8. Popeye (Jim)
    Jim dressed up!?!?!?! And it was to make Pam happy, which is extremely romantic.
  9. Queen of Blades (Dwight)
    WTF was this?!
  10. Creed
    Such good timing...
  11. Carrie Bradshaw and Gordie Gecko (Kelly and Ryan) @bjnovak @mindy
    They were so cute!