The highly anticipated seventh episode in the 'Star War's series, 'The Force Awakens,' which will be released December 18, will feature several returning characters as well as a host of new ones. Here is a guide to the characters of 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens.'
  1. Finn: The film’s unlikely hero. Because he’s a Stormtrooper, not any racist reasons.
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  2. Kylo Ren: An extremely powerful villain with the ability to transform himself into countless internet commenters’ avatars
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  3. Rey: She’s the orphan in this one
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  4. Poe Dameron: X-Wing fighter pilot who spends the film under military board review following the accidental bombing of an Ewok wedding
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  5. Captain Phasma: Character who will almost certainly march down an aisle between two massive formations of Stormtroopers
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  6. BB-8: An adorable droid that contains the black box recording of X-Wing 322’s final terrifying moments
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  7. Admiral Goop: Commander of the Sludge Resistance
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  8. R2-D2: Retired astromech droid reluctantly pulled back into the game for one last score
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  9. C-3PO: A far more fully developed character than in previous films, the humanoid robot’s name is finally revealed in the new trilogy to stand for Chris 3PO
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  10. Han Solo: The galactic smuggler returns with a silent 30-second pause during every shot he appears in to account for moviegoers’ cheering
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  11. Outer Space: In many ways, outer space is so important to The Force Awakens that it’s a character in the film in its own right
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  12. Leia Organa: A veteran of the Resistance from a time in intergalactic history when sexism could be a little more overt
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  13. Chewbacca: Token Wookiee character
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  14. Luke Skywalker: Seriously, where is he in the trailers? What does this mean? He went to the dark side, didn’t he? Oh, man, we knew it. We fucking knew it.
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