Several high-profile assault cases on college campuses are leading many schools to address how they prevent and respond to them. Here are some ways universities can protect students from assault
  1. Create a safe system in which students can freely report any non-varsity-athlete attackers to campus authorities
  2. Installation of a 24-hour hotline for anyone with information on what the victim was wearing that night
  3. Formulating a written action plan that outlines exactly how the school will deflect reports of assault
  4. Ask all prospective students to thoroughly explicate the word “no” on their applications
  5. TKE’s blacklight rush party to be attended by at least one Title IX attorney
  6. Grievance panels to carefully assess all the facts from both victim and assailant to determine whose family is the bigger donor
  7. Lengthen orientation-week skits about alcohol tolerance and party safety from 15 minutes to a full 25
  8. Provide everyone on campus, both students and faculty, with a clear definition of behaviors that constitute boys just being boys
  9. Allegations to be immediately reviewed by a dedicated team of internet commenters