Here are the requirements candidates must meet to qualify for NASA’s astronaut program
  1. Fifty or more hours logged driving space shuttle around empty NASA parking lot
  2. Candidates’ height should fall between 62 and 75 inches in order to fit within regulation space suits and promotional NASA polo shirts
  3. At least five summers spent contemplating the stars from the hood of an El Camino
  4. General, demonstrable proficiency in taking direction and working on a soundstage
  5. Preference given to candidates who are already completely weightless
  6. Spotless interstellar criminal record
  7. Must have at least three interesting stories to share aboard cramped spacecraft
  8. No one at NASA right now really knows how to expand social reach via Snapchat, if you could point them in the right direction with that
  9. All candidates screened for their ability to procure $18 billion in funding each fiscal year