A recent speech by Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton criticizing the “alt-right” movement and its support of Republican nominee Donald Trump has shone the national spotlight on the ideologically conservative group. Here’s what you need to know about the alt-right
  1. Beliefs: Why ruin your day by getting into this?
  2. Precursors: Long lineage of conservative philosophers including Hans-Hermann Hoppe, Julius Evola, and “U Mad Bro” 4chan meme
  3. Membership: Over 40,000 individuals currently appealing ban on Wikipedia editor account
  4. Origin: Although generally considered an online movement, the alt-right actually has its roots in the evolution of adrenal glands in vertebrates 525 million years ago
  5. Against: Political correctness, immigration, feminism
  6. For: Being against political correctness, immigration, feminism
  7. Notable Achievements: Finally convincing Twitter to take online harassment seriously
  8. History: Movement began in earnest after Ronald Reagan aired his famous “It’s Morning In Cuckmerica” campaign ad in 1984
  9. How It Differs From Traditional Conservatism: Even less diverse
  10. Chief Opponents: Social media sites’ conduct policies
  11. Goals: Members hope to preserve European culture, promote nativism, feel less sad and angry about everything all the time, and oppose political correctness
  12. How Long Will The Movement Last?: As long as there are libtards that need uncucking