I mean the actual post titles. Although, the posts are not bad either.
  1. Secret Service: Not So Secret, And Such Bad Service.
    On the Secret Service's prostitution scandal in Mexico.
  2. Obamacare: That's Right, Obama Cares!
  3. Cain Is Definitely Not Able.
  4. The Unimportance Of Being Ernst.
  5. Mitt, You're Not It.
  6. CPAC: Crazy People Acting Crazy.
  7. Sarah Palin: Palin' In Comparison
  8. Jason Wu Woos The First Lady A Second Time.
  9. Karl Rove: The Roving Opportunist.
  10. Romney's Gish Gallop For Gallup
  11. Oh Rush, What A Fluke!
    On Limbaugh's slut attack on Sandra Fluke.
  12. Birth Control: GOP Needs To Take A Chill Pill.