A writer's list a month in the making
  1. Day 1
    I hate this project already
  2. Day 2
    Maybe it won't be so bad. I'm starting to make progress
  3. Day 3
    Wow! I'm doing really well.
  4. Day 4
    I should write. I need to write. Why aren't I writing?
  5. Day 5
    This is crap! Absolute crap. I should never be a writer.
  6. Day 6
    I should be writing, but sleep
  7. Day 7
    Finally the weekend! I'm going to get so much writing done
  8. Day 8
    Must turn off Netflix. I need to write two chapters. Well, maybe one more episode
  9. Day 9
    Why did anyone tell me to become a writer. This is pure crap. I might as well start over.
  10. Day 10
    Write in day! I'm going to get so much done....and no one showed up. I'm going home.
  11. Day 11
    Am I in over my head with the deadline I set for myself? I think I'm in over my head.
  12. Day 12
    Gonna get cosy and whip out some words.
  13. Day 13
    Yay! The weekend is here again. I'm going to get so much done.
  14. Day 14
    I did everything but write
  15. Day 15
    Halfway! I better knock out a bunch of words to make up for my lackluster week
  16. Day 16
    I wish I didn't have to go to work today. Yesterday was so productive and I still feel inspired
  17. Day 17
    Nope, don't have time for you almost cold. Must pump out more words in order to finish these edits by Saturday...but sleep is a hard bargainer
  18. Day 18
    Must get a few words out before I fall asleep
  19. Day 19
    Two days and four chapters to finish. Focus time....or Netflix
  20. Day 20
    Today's the day. This write in will be so productive....until Mr. Chatty shows up
  21. Day 21
    I am a failure. My project isn't finished. I should write. Maybe after my nap
  22. Day 22
    Must write words.
  23. Day 23
    I did it! I won! *victory dances around the house*
  24. Day 24
    I should start my next project
  25. Day 25
    Nanowrimo isn't technically over, but since I won I don't really need to write, do I?
  26. Day 26
    Holiday family time is really cutting into writing time
  27. Day 27
    How soon is too soon to start editing?
  28. Day 28
    I kinda wish I hadn't finished my novel so early. I miss writing
  29. Day 29
    Hi new character/plot/idea
  30. Day 30
    I'm so glad it's over!