1. What happened to all the guys
    Like seriously. There are 10 here
  2. Who are all these girls?
    I don't recognize any of them
  3. Oh a cute guy just walked in
    Tall, fit, shaved sides with the extra comb over *swoon* 😍😍😍
  4. And he's sitting across from me
  5. And there's his phone
    He's been sitting here for 45 minutes and his phone has not left his hand once
  6. The missionaries are getting younger and younger
    The 2 on the stand look like they're 12
  7. How much longer until I can go home?
    I really only came to show off my tutu skirt
  8. Static
  9. I should have eaten lunch before I came
    The speaker just gave me a look which means they probably heard my stomach grumble
  10. Simon and Baz have a hymn
    Rainbow Rowell is following me everywhere
  11. The person next to me keeps looking over trying to read this list....
    Back off sister! You can read it when I publish